What we do

Collaborate on high-tech projects to create environmental sustainability.

Our mission is to support environmentally driven projects and widen the community that does better for the planet. We assist in launching innovative ecological solutions by connecting organizations that can help one another.

Our projects

Sustainable Planet
resource awareness

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Long-term goals

Reduce waste, promote reusability

Educate on the value of recycling

Advertise repurposing of items

Assist eco-oriented projects

Partner with environmental NPOs

Short-term goals

Make Giveo App the go-to app for second-hand items, fundraisers, donors.

Show new, easy ways to help.

Reach to people's feelings.
Bring environmental awareness and attend to altruism.

Operational goals

Help campaigns gain more funding faster

Increase number of users in Giveo App

Help control human impact over our planet

Enhance humanitarian side of our community

Help the future generations

Fund Easy!

We will do it for you!

Contact Source International Foundation to start your campaign on Giveo. All we need is some info to publish your cause and automize your fund withdrawals! 

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