Welcome to the Source Foundation website.

Source Foundation was established as a means to change the world – a world where we each take accountable action, transforming ourselves as we transform the world. 

Our mission is to assist, support and encourage people to thrive, living fulfilled and self-directed lives.

Source Foundation provides essential resources to help teens and adults participate in personal development programs by reducing financial barriers and expanding participant diversity.

Source Foundation is dedicated to assisting people to:

  • Live courageously with honesty, integrity, compassion and spontaneity.
  • Create new possibilities in their thoughts, experiences and actions.
  • Transform their relationship with themselves, in turn transforming their relationships with others.
  • Acknowledge themselves as powerful contributors to humanity, and act accordingly.
  • Be a leader in their lives, personally and professionally.

We believe in possibility.  We believe that people have the resources within themselves to create greater results and more positive experiences in their lives.  We believe that as each individual grows in conscious choice, love and respect, so does the world.  We believe that creating a better society and world requires full and balanced access to personal development education.


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